Year 7 – 10 Overview

At  Campion College all Year 7 to Year 10 ākonga choose modules that provide coverage of the New Zealand curriculum learning areas. Choices are made in consultation with the ākonga, whanau and Learning Mentor while considering the learner’s interests, strengths and areas for development.. Specialist teachers deliver innovative contextual courses at the appropriate curriculum level for each learner. Some of these modules integrate two learning areas around a common context while others may have a specific learning area focus. 

At Year 7 and 8 all students complete the Te Whare Hauora module for both semesters – this is a combination of Religious Education and Te Reo Māori with other, supporting, learning areas.

All ākonga, in all modules, are encouraged to develop their higher level thinking skills, creativity and problem solving skills using the inquiry and design thinking processes while immersed in contextual activities. Learners  are also expected to participate in the Impact Project programme which allows the further development and discovery of learners’ interests.

Ākonga may study at any level as long as they meet the prerequisites of the module. Year 8 ākonga can take Year 9 and 10 modules if they have consistently achieved highly for the learning areas in the modules. Year 9 and 10 ākonga can take an NCEA Level 1 course if they have consistently achieved highly for the learning area for that subject. This can be discussed with the Learning Mentor.