NCEA Courses

Campion College is a school with a strong academic focus. Providing opportunities for young people to genuinely work towards achieving their potential, whatever their talents happen to be, is fundamental to quality Catholic education.

All students are encouraged and supported to strive for educational excellence. In partnership with their parents and the College Learning Mentors, students set challenging yet achievable academic goals.

Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 study towards gaining the National Certificate of  Education Achievement (NCEA). The College philosophy is to encourage and support students to achieve at the Merit and Excellence level.

High performing senior students are offered the opportunity to enter Scholarship examinations. Scholarship is the highest level of assessment available within the secondary school system.

All senior students are expected to participate in the Impact Project programme, These allow students to take control of their learning and to develop and discover an area of interest to them. Students work for an extended time investigating a complex issue or problem. Discussion with the Learning Mentor and/or Head of Curriculum can allow NCEA credits to be achieved through this programme.