Learning Support

The pastoral care of our students is an integral dimension of our Campion College community.  Just as we want our students to be compassionate individuals who care for others so our pastoral care system also emphasises a personalised, compassionate approach to supporting all students.

Every student in the College is placed with a learning mentor. These are specialised staff who help students map their learning goals and career aspirations.

The learning mentor helps provide focussed support for each student as they negotiate a curriculum pathway that is personalised toward their learning needs.

Parents with children entering Year 7 will have their first meeting with their learning mentor prior to entering the College.

The learning mentor will meet with each family at least twice during the year to evaluate the student’s progress and to set the future learning directions.

The learning needs of students change as they progress through the secondary school. The range of learning opportunities and pathways become more diverse and complex. The learning mentor for students in Years 11 to 13 changes to allow for this changing complexity.

The pastoral and academic guidance given through the learning mentor programme is further supported though the vertical form class for all students.

All students belong to a vertical form class. The form class has students from Year 7 to 13. There are two vertical form teachers who look after each class. These vertical form teachers provide a second line of pastoral care for each student. As students progress through their years at school, they remain with this same vertical form class. This helps them build relationships with students from every other year group and allows the younger students to be supported by senior students and involved more fully in the College