Leadership through Service

Campion College is strongly focused on developing the leadership capability of all students in the school. Leadership involves positively influencing others into a course of action that promotes the goals of the College within the community and maintaining this focus over a period of time.
 Leadership is most obviously shown through ‘service to others.’ Developing the leadership potential of all students is an extremely important step in enabling them to serve the wider world. We want our students to be confident, connected and actively involved citizens of the world who are able to critique society from a Christ-centred perspective, promote social justice and show care for the environment.
Some of the leadership opportunities that are available include:
The peer support programme is a specifically designed programme to support new students in Years 7 and 8. The programme, run by senior students, takes place in the first term of each school year and helps new students interact, make friends, access resources and familiarise themselves with the College and its values. The programme contributes towards building a positive social climate within the school and reflects our Special Character at work.
Students at all year levels are encouraged to support others through the peer tutoring programme. Students assist other students with aspects of their academic learning, sports skills, arts development or social integration. This support complements the assistance provided by the teaching staff.
The Student Council has a representative from each vertical form class. The Council provides a student voice within the College community for issues of direct relevance to students.
Each of the four College Houses has a Captain who is elected by the students. The House Captains are involved in organising House activities and liturgies.
Prefects are selected from our Year 13 leaders. Prefects are considered to hold the most senior leadership positions in the College.