We live in an ever changing world where schools are not the only source of learning. Our students are using digital devices outside of school to communicate and learn. We would like to see those devices being used in the College to further enhance their learning.  All of our classes have an emphasis on digital learning and we make extensive use of the Google Suite, especially websites for each class.

All students in the College are expected to bring their own personal digital device.

This may be a chromebook, a notebook, a laptop, or a tablet. The device, however, must be internet capable. 

Over the past few years, the College has invested a significant amount of resources into ensuring that we have the very best infrastructure that we can. This has included a whole school network upgrade, the installation of a college wide wireless network and the provision of ultra-fast broadband.


A student owned internet capable device can be an important part of a student’s toolkit that will give them instant access to unlimited resources and enable them to support, extend, communicate and share their learning in a way that will prepare them for their futures.

The advantages of student owned devices include:  

Anytime, anywhere access to class resources, support and extension activities through the Campion College class websites.

The ability to develop “digital” folders and exercise books for their classes (that can’t be lost, and never need replacing) through Google Apps.

The ability to develop a portfolio of their learning using Google docs.

Greater ability to communicate with teachers, parents and peers to support their learning through instant access to their student e-mail

Anytime, anywhere access to unlimited resources and information on the internet

The ability to draft, redraft and publish their work at the click of a button.