Attendance Dues

These are set by the Hamilton Diocese.  The fees are currently $444.00 per year for students in Years 7 & 8 and $888.00 for students in Years 9 to 13. Fees for 2022 have not been confirmed at this stage. 
Attendance Dues are not part of the College’s expenses and are invoiced separately by the Hamilton Diocese.  They form a legal requirement for attendance in a Catholic school and this fee must be paid.  Financial assistance may be available for families but we do need to make application early in the year.  Please see your child’s Learning Mentor, the Principal or Parish Priest for further assistance.
The attendance dues are used to pay for new buildings and to service debt on existing buildings.
If you have any questions regarding your account please contact the Catholic Integrated Schools Office (Hamilton Diocese) directly – phone (07) 856 6989.
Answers to  your questions about attendance dues:
What are attendance dues?
Catholic integrated schools are financed partly by the government and partly through attendance dues paid by parents/caregivers to the Proprietor, through this office, the Catholic Integrated Schools Office (CISO).


Attendance dues are not the same as school fees which are charged by the school, some of which may be donations and are tax deductible. Attendance Dues are not a donation, and are not tax deductible. 
“Why do we pay attendance dues?”
A contract to pay attendance dues is a condition of enrollment at a Catholic school. Attendance dues are approved by the Minister of Education, as legislated for in the Education Act 1989 Part 33 Section 447, and are a compulsory charge for attendance. These conditions are set out in the contract and are also detailed on the invoice. 
“What are attendance dues used for ?”
Attendance dues are used to pay for land, some building work and related costs such as maintenance, insurance on school buildings, mortgages and debt repayments on loans. 
“Do our attendance dues go to our local school?”
Yes, but not directly. The Catholic Integrated Schools Office (CISO) on behalf of “Roman Catholic Bishop of Hamilton” sends you a dues invoice. The dues collected are pooled and are used to meet Proprietor’s costs on all school buildings. Over time, all schools benefit.
“How much are attendance dues per year?”
  • Primary students: (Y1-8)              $444.00 (incl GST) 
(i.e. $111.00 per term or $8.54 per week)
  • Secondary students: (Y9-13)      $888.00 (incl GST)
(i.e. $222.00 per term or $17.08 per week)
“When are attendance dues payable?”
Dues are payable in full by 20 April each year. Other payment options are explained on the back of your invoice, and may be considered in discussion with CISO staff.
“How are attendance dues paid?”
Refer to the back of your invoice. 
“Is financial assistance available?”
Yes. While all parents and caregivers are encouraged to pay the full amount of dues, financial assistance can be granted for any of the following: family reasons, hardship, loss of income, redundancy, extended unemployment or death of the breadwinner. Contact CISO, or discuss the problem with your parish priest or principal who can recommend your case to CISO staff.